"Xanfar the Haunted fought valiantly in the Battle of Phaetor, dying along with many others at the hands of the mighty Death Imperium colossus, the Dusk Harlequin."

- Swords and Sandals 3

Overview[edit | edit source]

Xanfar The Haunted is the 3rd Arena Champion in Swords and Sandals 3. His chapter is "The Restless Soul"

Taunt Quote: "The bells of death toll but my soul can find no rest... I yearn for the grave!"

Stats:[edit | edit source]


Avg Damage:69






Story:[edit | edit source]

Xanfar The Haunted is a diabolic skeleton who wants to control the world no matter the men he will kill to achieve his goal. Although he was once a brave and just man who served the lion forces in the Crusades, he is now evil and torturous.

Race: Skeletal Elf Tank

Alignment: Nasty

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Xanfar is another tough fighter, dealing up to a heavy 96 damage. (86 damage.+10 necromancy damage). He also can cast Chillbolt dealing 40 damage. Using spells, you should still wear heavy armor and have a strong weapon, for he has high agility. As a fighter, use the same strategy applied to Boarhide Trader Pigsus. This boss is very difficult to kill, but there is also a trick to defeat him. Since he is unholy, you can use a holy spell against him, if not try to keep away as his claws are more dangerous than his spells...

Bards- this is a much more powerful Boarhide Trader Pigsus, power chord Xanfar away & try and kill him with taunts. These types of champions leave it to pure luck, so make sure you have points in forked tongue.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Xanfar is the first Arena Champion who will put you to death should he defeat you in battle.
  • Taunt Quote: "The bells of death toll but my soul can find no rest...I yearn for the grave!"
  • According to his text the Death Imperium collosus is the Dusk Harlequin, but in Swords and Sandals: Crusader, the collosus of the Death Imperium is the Lord of Sorrow.


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