My items

Head:Atomic Knight Helm of Necromancy Resistance(+1620 to armour,+4 to vitality,+20 to Necromancy Resist,Artefact)

Shoulders:Frost Resistant Knight Shouldenguards of Hellfire(+915 to armour,+15 to Frost Resist,+5 to Agility,+20 to Fire Resist,Legendary Item )

Chest:Atomic Imperium Breastplate of Two Strong Hearts(+2820 to armour,+100 to health,+4 to vitality,Artefact

Gloves:Chainmail Gloves of Artifice(+280 to armour,+100 to magicka,+4 to Intellect,Epic Item

Legs:Stormfront Knight Boots of the Inferno(+735 to armour,+5 to Agility,+20 to Lighting Resist,+4 to Vitality,+15 to Fire Resist,Legendary Item

Thigs:Scorching Knight Greaves of Lightning Resistance(+370 to armour,+3 to vitality,+10 to Fire Resist,+20 to Lightning Resist,Epic Item)

Neck:Chromatic Silk Cloack of the Atom(+75 to armour ,+60 to magicka,+5 to agility,+20 to Lightning Resist,Legendary item)

Weapon:Frost Halberd of Politics(150-300 damage,2 handed weapon,+40 frost damage,+2 to charisma,Legendary item)






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