Unnamed weapon.png
The "Unnamed weapon"

Weapon 107 (aka. Unnamed Weapon) is an unused weapon which was originally meant to appear in Swords and Sandals IV: Tavern Quests, but it was scrapped from the final version of game. Unlike the Boxing Glove, its base colors, type and statistics are undefined in the game's code. This means that it can change both its color (unless it is enchanted) and name, from time to time.


  •  ??? (???), ???-??? base damage
  • 1 or 2-handed weapon
  • Minimum level required: ??


In battle, this sword copies the stats and type of the previous enemy's weapon. This is applicable to any weapon which has an ID that is not between 0 and 106 and is most likely the result of a glitch or bug.


  • The character Sir Belgrave from S&S: Mini Fighters wields a similar weapon to this one.
  • In the Swords & Sandals V Beta files, there was an unused sprite of a sword which looks exactly like the Unnamed Weapon.
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