Ultratus Omega is the last and one of the hardest Arena Champions in Swords and Sandals 3:Solo Ultratus.

Ultratus Omega as he appears in the game.

With no lightning or frost resistance, his electrical storm can cause damage of up to 900 and his Chillbolt up to 240. He has a variety of other spells. His weapon is a gun and causes damage for up to 2340 with a power attack.

Ultratus Omega has 4920 Armor and 2387 Health and 2066 Magicka


Ultratus Omega is the secret weapon of automatons and also your final trial. After you defeat him you win the Gladiae Ultratus.


Use spells like Winter's Core, Molten Death, Thousand Cobras and Eternal Damnation. Do not use electrical spells as he is so resistant to them that they heal him. Also bring Command (if you are a fighter), Hex, Magic Orb, and Impervious. You could also try chopping his head off with whirlwind. The best way to take him down as a fighter is to have a substantial amount of magicka to perform the Hex and Molten Death, Winter's Core spells, utilize the Command spell to bring him closer because the weapon he has is a gun and he can perform ranged heavy attacks.

Stats Edit

  • Extremely powerful attacks that can hit both ranged and melee
  • Very high agility, enough to get in front of you with a single charge
  • Huge amounts of health and armor
  • Powerful spells comparable to Bargle's
  • More than 100% lightning resistant, meaning lightning attacks will heal him


Taunt Quote: "Are you worthy to join us in immortality?"

Victory Quote: "You showed much promise. A great shame that you stumbled here in the end." 

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