The events of Swords and Sandals all take place on the world of Tritonia, a small Earth-like world in a system of five planets surrounding two suns, a large yellow and a smaller blue sun. One large pale moon orbits slowly. Tritonia is dominated by 85% ocean and three continents that make up the rest of the planet. •Brandor, the largest and only known settled continent. All of the Swords and Sandals games thus far have taken place here. Being home to the Constellation Mirror, it is here that the Precursors landed and all known civilisations can be found. •Eldor Hath, a smaller, mysterious continent far to the south. Its borders are fiercely guarded and foreigners looked upon unkindly. It is said that Emperor Antares of the Itha peoples hailed from these dark lands. •Segallis, a landmass that theoretically exists in the western hemisphere. Very few who have sailed across the Cycladian Ocean in search of it have returned, and their tales remain wild and dubious.

The game takes place in this central area of Brandor. To the north, the world is bordered by vast mountains. To the south, the heat of the desert keep all but the most hardy traveller at bay, and to the west and east, trackless oceans ( storms and winds will prevent you from sailing any further in any direction.)

Tritonia’s twin moons (Eoe and Uriel) make sea travel perilous – the tides are unpredictable and storms are many.

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