The Yeti Project as it appears in the game.

"The Yeti Project is the largest Yeti ever captured, standing over nine feet tall and weighing over 500 pounds."

- Swords and Sandals 3

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Yeti Project is the sixth arena champion in Swords and Sandals 3: Solo Ultratus. It's chapter is "A Yeti isn't a Pet."

The Yeti Project has 509 armor points, 231 health points and 115 magicka points. It is notorious for its high in-game stats (namely extremely high strength and agility), recognized as one of the hardest arena champions in SaS 3: Solo Ultratus.

Since the update of 30th November 2020,due to being too overpowered for some types of players, it's possible to weaken the Yeti Project for 1000 gold pieces before the battle (Steam version only!). The weakened Yeti Project will deal much less damage and has less armor points

Taunt Quote: "Yeti make yellow snowcone for you!"

Victory Quote:"Yeti tired and want to go home!"

Taunt Quote (Weakened): "Yeti need to sleep, why feel strange?"

Victory Quote (Weakened): "Yeti head hurt, yeti was drugged!"

Backstory[edit | edit source]

The Yeti Project is a huge, homesick and tired yeti who is captured from the mountains and brought to the arena to fight. It is the largest ever captured, standing over nine feet tall and weighing over 500 lbs.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Do the same as you did to Mr. Omazing, but beware; his attacks can one or two hit a player, nearly regardless of armor and resistances.

If you are a mage, first use sluggish to slow it down, gale to keep him away from you, then use damaging spells. It's not recommended to use Frost spells against it due to resistance to that element given by its mace.

Also you should raise element damaging skills from School of Arcane (Fire, Lightning, Poison, Lifesteal) and increase Magicka capacity. Higher tier spells drain much more magicka.

As Bard, you have 2 ways to defeat that beast (At both cases you should have Sluggish and Gale and some points put to Intellect too):

  • Taunt spamming - The Yeti Project has extremely low Charisma stat (1 point), so it's very likely that you'll make an effect to it (dealing damage which ignore armor, enraging/causing fear, magicka drain [which it's actually useless in that case], breaking battle transe [if Yeti is currently in that state])
  • Guitars - When you wield a guitar weapon, you gain boost to damage by Charisma stat and you always hit, but there are some disadvantages - you cannot avoid damage no matter what, deal critical damage and the range is limited. Improving Amplify skill from School of Theatrics will not only increase the range, but also increases knockback power while playing Chord (it means you don't have to use Gale very frequently)

For warriors the case is much more complicated than for mages and bards. Basically you need to rely on lucky critical hits as you'll do close combat with it [which it's extremely risky if you don't have good equipment], to increase odds to criticals, you need to master Critical Mastery ability (either by putting points to it or buying and equipping items which give bonus to that skill). If you are lucky enough, you can OHKO it with just one crit (upgrading Whirwlind increases the odds of dealing OHKO crits)

Settings I used to defeat Yeti with one critical hit. Only Frost Resist was needed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Yeti Project is one of the hardest bosses to beat, not because of the level, but because of it being level 20 with such equipment. Other bosses are much of a breeze with on their level.
  • The weakened Yeti Project will have different name and quotes
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