The Evil Ninja
Gender Male (Female in redux)
Height 5'5
Weight 117 lb
Skin Color Light blue
Race Human
Level 7
Armour 256
Max Dmg 50 / 18
HP 170
Strength 1
Agility 12
Attack 9
Defence 4
Vitality 5
Charisma 6
Stamina 6
Magicka 5
Helmet Devious Mask (35)
Breastplate Militia (80)
Shoulderguards Brigand (32)
Gauntlets Legion (55)
Greaves Brigand (12)
Shinguards Militia (30)
Boots Veteran (12)
Shield None (0)
Item 1 Gale
Item 2 Medium Health Potion
Item 3 Gale
Item 5
Item 6
Melee Shortsword (4-16)
Ranged Shuriken (7-49)
Enchantment Wraith (17)

The Evil Ninja is the 2nd Champion in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign.

He is the final threat of the tournament: Midsummer Blades.

Story Edit

The Evil Ninja is one of the world's deadliest assassins. He is also a mean chess player and sings in the village choir.

Appearance Edit

The Evil Ninja is a bald man who is mostly equipped of Brigand and Militia armour. He wields a shuriken and a shortsword. In Sword and sandals Redux he is a girl.

In-Battle Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Good Agility
  • Good Attack
  • High armour

Disadvantages Edit

  • No Strength
  • Low Defence

Trivia Edit

  • Him and Wizard Sagan have the same melee weapon.
    • The only difference is that Wizard Sagan has the weapon enchanted,while The Evil Ninja not.
  • He has Legion Gauntlets equipped despite the requirement being Level 18 to wear it.The same goes for Son of Stylonius and The Great Beast armour.
  • He appears in Swords and Sandals 3 as an Arena Champion, but is named differently.

The Evil Ninja
Gender Male
Height 4'4
Weight 71 lb
Skin Color Brown
Race Sagan Blob Rogue
Level 55
Avg Damage 731
Armour 932
Health 489
Magicka 615
Alignment Evil
Helmet Unholy Necromancy Resistant Ninja Mask (195)
Breastplate Unholy Basilisk Silk Shirt (210)
Shoulderguards Unholy Basilisk Silk Shoulderguards (110)
Gauntlets Unholy Basilisk Silk Sleeves (70)
Pants Unholy Basilisk Silk Pyjamas (70)
Boots Unholy Basilisk Silk Flares (90)
Shield None (0)
Weapon Unholy Frost Nunchaku of Pools (200-400)
              Armour's Effect(s)
Resistance Necromancy (20%)
Gain Agility (4) - Intellect (6) - Frost Damage (20)
Loss Alignment (133)

Evil Ninja Redux is the 18th Champion in Swords and Sandals III: Solo Ultratus.

Taunt Quote : "Yum cha showdown, fun for you and me."

Story Edit

Evil Ninja Redux is both evil and, not surprisingly, a ninja

Appearance Edit

Evil Ninja Redux is a blob human. He is fully equipped of Unholy Basilisk Silk armour and wields a cold nunchaku.

In-Battle Edit

Statistics Edit

  • Great Damage
  • Good Agility
  • Necromancy Resistance

Trivia Edit

  • He is the smallest boss of the game.