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The comma glitch, was the most corrupting glitch that could be performed in Swords And Sandals 2: Emperor´s Reign. It allowed the player to get more ability points and equipment than they were meant to receive from the character selection screen at the start of the game. By using this glitch, it is possible for the player's Gladiator to achieve unlimited (or, more precisely, 2500) ability points by entering a comma (,) as their name and then randomizing their character's stats.

The effects of using this glitch often gave the player character an advantage at the start of the game by allowing them to redistribute as many of those ability points as they want to other skills. It could also cause more adverse effects, such as changing the player's skin color when entering the arena or going back to town or giving the player a sword / axe / club that acts as a ranged weapon.

In a Trivia facts video for the series, the game's creator Oliver Joyce went more in-depth about the glitch, stating that he didn't put it in there himself. It was actually a flaw in his coding when using the Actionscript programming language for Flash. The game saves the character's name, stats and gender as a sort of string or value. However, if the player named their character with a comma, then it would mess with the way that string is saved by shifting the value along, based on the amount of commas were used.


The commonly known effects of the comma glitch are:

  • Crash the game.
  • More ability points.
  • Mess up item prices.
  • Glitched text (NaN glitch).
  • Randomize the time of day.
  • Bugged textures and skin colour.
  • Make some melee weapons act as ranged weapons.
  • Start with extra equipment (items, armour, weapons).

Known Crashes[]

The most commonly known ways that the game crashes when using the comma glitch are:

  • Whenever you buy / enchant an item.
  • Whenever you use your other weapon.
  • Whenever you use the items that you get from the glitch. (magic, health potions, etc.)
  • Beating Emperor Antares under the effects of the comma glitch will crash the game.


  • Oliver says that he credits a lot of Swords and Sandals popularity to this glitch.
  • The glitch appears to be patched in the Swords and Sandals Classic Collection version on Steam.

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