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The S&SIII:Multiplaie Ultratus Intro Screen

Swords and Sandals 3 Multiplae Ultratus is a online multiplayer version of Solo Ultratus. People all over the world create characters, level them up and pit their gladiators against other people in real time battles.


Swords and Sandals 3 Multiplae Ultratus has the same characters from Solo Ultratus. Automating character building is available as well. From Solo Ultratus the automaton bosses have flaming eyes and a mouth, this is changed in the multiplayer version. Other characters are still there and only one character model has been added which is the Automaton.


The game is very similar to the Solo Ultratus version, however, in the original you fight with CPU and AI gladiators while in here you fight with other players. You may lose gold, but you won't lose XP. You also have a limited time to decide what actions shall you enact. The level and difficulty does not matter here, unlike in Solo Ultratus. Even if only a few people play this nowadays, and you cannot go any further from Level 13 in the demo version, what you can't do is attacking Arena Champions. Sometimes you go first, sometimes your opponent first.

Strategy and Tactics[]

Pretend it's Solo Ultratus, and the best way to upgrade your character is by putting skill points to Vitality, Strength or Intellect.


  • If you are idle online for a minute or so, the game will act weirdly and crash. You have to refresh the page to play again. Unsaved progress will be lost.

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