Swords and Sandals I- Gladiator
Swords and Sandals I: Gladiator is the first installment of the popular RPG series "Swords and Sandals" developed by Whiskeybarrel Studios and

It began, as all good adventures do, with a single hero - a pirate. After a mighty storm, his ship was wrecked and he found himself marooned on the island of Doomtrek and its brutal Arena. Desperation made him a gladiator, but he won freedom by defeating the 7 Arena Champions.

Hear the crowd roar as you take on the arena champions in this epic adventure. Unleash the hero within and become the ultimate gladiator.

Arena Champions Edit

1. Wolfgang of Shackleford

2. Bo'sun Smythe

3. The Slave Driver

4. Nine Cat Jack

5. Stylonius of Southport

6. Lord Talah'udin

7. HeChaos the Scourge

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