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In both Swords and Sandals 3 Solo Ultratus and Swords and Sandals 3 Multiplae Ultratus, the player can utilize a wide variety of weapons, armor and spells.

== Shop ==
Shops are where the player buys weapons, armor and spells.

Every 20 fights, shops will restock their items, so if you see an item you like, you may want to buy it now as it may be gone the next time you come back.

=== Rarity ===
When you start out, only most basic items will appear in these shops, but occasionally you will see magical items which bestow great powers on your character. These items are distinguished from the more common items by the colour of the next on their name. Magical items for example are in green text. As you level up, you will start seeing rarer and more powerful items.

Every equipment has their rarity. Rarity ratings: common < enchanted < rare enchanted < epic < legendary < artefact

Different rarity have their level range (the number may not be accurate):
* Common (1-75) (black color)
* Enchanted (6-75) (green color)
* Rare enchanted (14-75) (blue color)
* Epic (51-75) (purple color)
* Legendary ( 75 only) (white color)
* Artefact (75 only) (yellow color)
The equipment with the same name but with different rarity ratings. One is epic rarity. Another is artefact. View the below image for an comparison.


== Weapon ==

The most destructive guitar

Melee weapons, ranged weapons, sound weapons are available in the shops.

All weapons are classified as one-handed or two-handed. If you use a two-handed weapon, you can't equip another weapon or shield. When you start, you can equip one shield and 1 one-handed weapon. If you want to equip with dual weapons, you must learn Dual Wielding in the School of Warfare.

As the game says, when dual wielding, the weapon in your off-hand does half damage.

Ranged weapons are always two-handed weapons. They have full range. It can attack you from any distance. Unlike what the game tip says, it can still attack even when standing too close to the enemy.

Sound weapons are always two-handed weapons in the shop. Strange to say they are short-ranged weapons which you have to stand pretty close to the opponent to attack. However the range can be improved by a talent called Amplify in the School of Theatrics. For details see Swords and Sandals 3 Sound Weapons.

The mace, sword, polearms have the most damage 200-400; bow 300; guns 600.

The guitar (sound weapon) is the most destructive weapon. The best guitar have 1000-2000 damage, but 24th arena boss weapon has more than us.

Arena bosses have weapons that we don't have. For example Ultratus Omega, his use double one-handed gun and they also have 500-1000 damage which are unavailable in store.

== Armour ==

The best chest

You can wear armor from your head, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, shield, thighs, shins.

Different pieces of armor have different level requirements. You are unable to buy that armor if you don't meet the requirement. However it does not apply to arena bosses. For example The Yeti Project is only Lv 19 but he can use Lv 75 artefact weapon and Lv 75 head armour.

The total armour value can be improved by a talent called Armourerin the School of Survival.

Chest has the highest armor value available, where the best chest has 2,820 armor value.

The best head can have approaching 1600, shoulder 1200, arms 500, shield 1600, thighs 500, shins 1000, neck 300 (this reference number may be can more).

== Spell ==
Spell have infinite range. It can attack you from any distance. It always hit you. It cannot be missed.

Different spells have different wait time. After you cast that spell, it takes some rounds before you can cast the same spell. Note that the round you cast the spell still counts. For example if it says 4 rounds of wait time, the round you cast the spell is the 1st round of wait time. You wait 3 more rounds more. Then you can cast that spell again.

You can equip up to 8 spells at one time by clicking and dragging the icon from the spellbook.

Different spells require different minimum intellect. You are unable to acquire them if you do not reach the requirement.