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Swords And Sandals II: Redux is the mobile version of Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign that Oliver Joyce finished. It was released on the App Store and Play Store on January 27 2017. The game has the same Arena Champions as the original online version but includes new Warfare and Arcane skill trees amidst other more minor changes such as different music and dialogue. The level up user interface is also different.

It's been downloaded over 300,000 times on iTunes and Google Play.

Facts about this game: Antares returns since S&S 5 or S&S Mobile and t Looks like the classic swords and sandals 2 but with added features like females and rolling to be resurrected.It is also identical to know some parts of the game were from you are a knight.The gladiator does a taunt when he/she defeats a enemy. Also Noob items return?


After defeating Emperor Antares,it reveals that the player truly defeated him.His eyes will be seen before his death.Later after the defeat of Antares,Bargle Yarg will teleport you to the bottom of the arena and a skeletal army stands before him.He later imprisons them to keep them from coming outta here.Then the player leaves Doomtrek and sails somewhere but after he/she sees visions of Antares they start sailing for Suul's Gateway and start venturing in the dungeons.*the story will continue in S&S5*