Spheracles is the 8th Champion in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign.

He is the final threat of the tournament: Pillars of Spheracles.

Story Edit

Beloved Spheracles is everyone's favourite giant. Punished by the gods to forever sort coloured spheres, he gets a week off each year to have some fun.

Appearance Edit

Spheracles is a bearded, blonde-haired man with a goofy smile and crossed eyes. He is fully equipped of Myrmidon armour, except the shield, and wields a giant pillar that cannot be found in the store.

In-Battle Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Great Attack
  • Good Strength
  • Useful Magick

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low Agility
  • Low Defense

Trivia Edit

  • Him and The Great Beast have a unavailable motionless-face.
  • The player must deal 1000 damage to him to kill him.
  • His name is a combinaison of Sphere and Heracles.
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