Son of Stylonius is the only real challenge* in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign. He is the son of Stylonius of Southport, who fell into a pit and died and then got reincarnated as the devil himself.He is also the last Arena Champion encountered in the demo version of the game(so make sure your dumbass aint playing the demo cuz if you beat him youll have to do that shit all over again (full game

He is the final threat of the tournament: Shardstrike Memorial.

Challenge-any other boss is a piece of cake but this big boy is just wow


Son of Stylonius is fighting to avenge his father,a former Arena Champion who died horribly when he tripped on his own ego and fell into a pit.

Son of Stylonius is a green-haired spawn of satan who is mostly equipped with armor that you cant get. He wears the helmet of his father(bitch please dude has been promoted to the man of the house when he got in this game) and wields a Mace of Ass Widening.



  • High Strength
  • High Attack
  • Very overpowered
  • no shit ofc hes overpowered hes the final boss once you beat him game over you win no other boss is this hard
  • can and will make you his bitch
  • is green
  • his pp 5ft long
  • just a "little bit" of hp
  • he can and will block your 50 attack stat
  • he can and certainly will hit you through your 50 defense stat
  • he has been linked to 17 suicide cases
  • he doesnt even have a chestplate and is still harder than the final boss
  • just the fucking look of him intimidates you dont lie


  • xd
  • lol nah
  • are you kidding me? fucking look at him
  • can you imagine how op is the father of stylonius
  • hes slow but hell manage to catch you with the souls of his victims
  • he doesnt have a
  • is ugly without the helmet


  • He has armor points on his breastplate area while it is not equipped.(wait what the fuck)
    • John the Butcher has armor points everywhere on his body, even in places where he does not wear armor, similar to him.
  • He wears the helmet of his father, but does not use his weapon.(because he is the fucking weapon_
  • In the [ [version of Swords and Sandals II]] the artwork is done by Tony Lowe.
  • In the iTunes version and Google Play version the artwork is done by Jimmy Nils.(hey i appreciate that good work jimmy)
  • He is a very hard opponent to defeat without proper equipment and stats.(you also need reaaaaaaaaaaal good luck in order to hit him without taking much dmg)
  • Him and The Great Beast are the only bosses who have armor on in which should be impossible to wear due to their levels.
  • In the demo version, after you defeat him, the game ends.( game )
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