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==== '''Disadvantages''' ====
==== '''Disadvantages''' ====
* Low Agility
* Low Agility
* error404
* what fucking disadvantages?!
* what fucking disadvantages?!
* 20 defense? thats cute
* 20 defense? thats cute

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Son of Stylonius is the 3rd Champion in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign. He is the son of Stylonius of Southport, who fell into a pit and died.He is also the last Arena Champion encountered in the demo version of the game.

He is the final threat of the tournament: Shardstrike Memorial.


Son of Stylonius is fighting to avenge his father,a former Arena Champion who died horribly when he tripped on his own ego and feel into a pit.

Son of Stylonius is a green-haired pigman who is mostly equipped of Myrmidon armour. He wears the helmet of his father and wields a cold mace.



  • High Strength
  • High Attack
  • Very Overpowered
  • Just give up
  • He is one of the most bullshit bosses
  • big pp (mine bigger tho :p)
  • makes you pick up the soap xD
  • why u write this


  • Low Agility
  • what fucking disadvantages?!
  • 20 defense? thats cute
  • cant reach you if you have a bow *hint* *hint*
  • too bad you only get 10 arrows tho :p
  • youll lose your virginity
  • his wingspan(reach) is 9999


  • He has armor points on his breastplate area while it is not equipped.
    • John the Butcher has armor points everywhere on his body, even in places where he does not wear armor, similar to him.
  • He wears the helmet of his father, but does not use his weapon.
  • In the [ [version of Swords and Sandals II]] the artwork is done by Tony Lowe.
  • In the iTunes version and Google Play version the artwork is done by Jimmy Nils.
  • He is a very hard opponent to defeat without proper equipment and stats.
  • Him and The Great Beast are the only bosses who have armor on in which should be impossible to wear due to their levels.
  • In the demo version, after you defeat him, the game ends.
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