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Me gizzards are already hurting thinking about the whooping you're about to receive.
— Son of Stylonius, Swords and Sandals II: Redux

Son of Stylonius was an Arena Champion introduced in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign.

Son of Stylonius
The son of legendary Klergish gladiator Stylonius of Southport, and if possible an even more boorish and egocentric braggart. Also a world reknowned food enthusiast, he wrote a popular column in the one of the realms’ favourite newspapers, the Klergish Herald. Son of Stylonius claimed to be avenging the death of his father – which is curious because his father in fact died by accident when he tripped and fell over his own ego. Son of Stylonius, too, would meet the same fate. His young son watched on from the stands, and it is possible the Grandson of Stylonius is out there somewhere, waiting to avenge his ancestors.
-Tome of Lore[2]


Throughout the series, Son of Stylonius had the appearance of a hulking man with green skin and pig-like facial traits, as expected from a Klergish. He was infamously seen wearing the rusty golden helmet of his fallen father, and wielding a mace when fighting in the Arena. He does not seem to have an established face design, as removing his helmet in each game will reveal a different face.

Game Appearances[]

In every of his game appearances as an Arena Champion, Son of Stylonius was the final opponent of the third tournament Shardstrike Memorial.

Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign[]

SS2 Stylonius
Fascinating Fact
Son of Stylonius is fighting to avenge his father, a former Arena Champion who died horribly when he tripped on his own ego and fell into a pit.
Health 240 Strenght 15
Energy 190 Agility 2
Armour 311 Attack 10
Minimum damage 50 Defence 2
Maximum damage 90 Vitality 7
Level 10 Charisma 3
Hgt 6'6 Stamina 9
Wgt 215 lb Magicka 10
Helmet Breastplate Shoulders Gauntlets
Helmet of Ownage
Helm of Ownage (50)

None (16)
Myrmidon Shoulderguards
Myrmidon (80)
Legion Gauntlets
Legion (55)
Greaves Shins Boots Shield
Myrmidon Greaves
Myrmidon (30)
Myrmidon Shinguards
Myrmidon (60)
Myrmidon Shoes
Myrmidon (20)

None (0)
Melee Ranged
Steel Mace
Steel Mace (20-60) + 20 Frost

Large STA Vial
Max Stamina Vial
Medium STA Vial
Medium Stamina Vial

Swords and Sandals II: Redux[]

SS2R Champion 3
Fascinating Fact
The supremely confident gladiator known as Son of Stylonius is fighting to avenge his father, a former Arena Champion who died horribly when he tripped over his own ego and fell into a pit of spikes.
Obnoxious pigman warrior, world renowned food enthusiast.
Strenght 8 Agility 3 Stylonius Son Prebattle Redux
Attack 4 Charisma 3
Defence 2 Vitality 5
Magicka 2 Stamina 5
6'6, 240 lbs Level 11 Average damage 77 Health 230 Armour 314 Essense 105
Helmet Breastplate Shield
Helmet of Ownage
Helm of Ownage (127)
Militia Vest SS2R
Militia Vest (68)
Militia Shield SS2R
Militia Shield (44)
Shoulderguards Armguards Boots
Brigand Shoulderguards
Militia Shoulderguards (32)
Militia Bracers SS2R
Militia Bracers (27)
Militia Sandals SS2R
Militia Sandals (16)
Crafted Iron Mace
Crafted Iron Mace (53)
Barbarian StormLeap of LionMighty Smash

Swords and Sandals: Mini Fighters[]

MF Stylonius

Son of Stylonius appeared in Mini Fighters, once again as the third Arena Champion. He was depicted as a goblin, and wore a different helmet.

7'7, 223 lbs Robust Goblin
Level 9 MF Stylonius Prebattle
Damage 68-132
Armour 176
Health 190


  • In Emperor's Reign, he had armour points on his bare chest.
    • The same applies with John The Butcher.
    • His level was also too low for him to afford all of his armour parts.
  • He was the final Arena Champion in the demo of Emperor's Reign.