Overview Edit

These are the prefixes annd enchnatments equipment can have in Swords and Sandals 3. They usually make the item stronger, rarer and more expensive (althought the changes an enchantment make can be for the worse, like moron's), and enchanted items also require a higer level to use. The rarity of these enchantments range from common to artefact, common being grey, enchanted green, rare enchanted blue, epic purple, legendary white and artefact yellow. Enchantments add the same stats (not basic ones like armor points, obviously) in armor and weapons (May be wrong), but depending on the item that is enchanted the cost and level may be different.

Known Enchantments Edit

Here is a list of known enchantments. (Please add more and add the stats they change, but only if you're absolutely sure ie. you've seen the enchantment a few times on different items) Please note that multiple enchantments can make an item rarer (ie handaxe of the Goldfish is just enchanted, but something else and that can be rare enchanted), but these make the item that rarity on their own.

Common Edit

These enchantments are, like their name suggests, very common. Their level is hugely varied and they usually only change the basic stat of the item, like damage and armor points.



Enchanted Edit

These are still very common in Swords and Sandals, but will add some extra stats to the item, such as +1 to Strength. They also can change the basic stats of the item and the level and cost.

Of the Departed: +2 to Necromancy Mastery, +4 to Intellect (insert change to basic stats here)

Rare Enchanted Edit

These are much harder to find for your specific level, and will have better stats. They change the basic stats of the item by a lot, as well as the price and level.

Of Regeneration: +10 to Health Regeneration (Increases damage in weapons by a lot, not sure about other stats)

Arcane: +8 to Intellect

Epic Edit

Some of these are already level 75, the max level, and they are all much more expensive than the unenchanted version. There are usually a few of these in each shop after an inventory shipment. Their changes are rarely ever for the worse and basically this level of gear is very good to have.

Legendary Edit

Most of these are level 75, and extremely expensive. One can only see a Legendary item once every few inventory restocks, so these are very rare. They are very strong items and should be bought if able and suitable for the player's class build.

Of Portals:

Artefact Edit

These are all level 75 (needs to be confirmed), very expensive and can rarely be seen. These should be very useful even if not suited to the player's class build.

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