Nine Cat Jack is the 4th boss of Swords and Sandals I.


A cruel pirate lord who faced mutiny at the hands of his crew and washed ashore Doomtrek. He lost his first ship to Elyx the Harpy Queen. He died from his wounds at the arena and was buried in a pauper’s grave.


Height 6.0

Weight 214 lb

Level 9

Armour 64

Hitpoints 147

Endurance 70

Strenght 8

Agility 8

Attack 2

Defence 7

Vitality 12

Charisma 4

Stamina 6

Helmet : Captain’s hat 15 defence

Breastplate : Militia 17 defence

Shoulder guards : Swashbuckler 8 defence

Gauntlet : Militia 6 defence

Shield : None

Greaves : Militia 6 defence

Shin guards : Militia 6 defence

Boots : Militia 6 defence

Weapon : Cat O’Nine Tails 20-90 bashing damage

Arena champion Nine Cat Jack lost his boat and his crew in a terrible storm many years ago. He still harbours bitter resentment at the world for his ill luck.

Avast matey. Ye’ve a flogging coming yer way.


  • Nine Cat Jack looks like the Captain from the introduction.
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