Marksman Dantus is the 4th Champion in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign.

He is the final threat of the tournament: Silver Circle Invitational .

Story Edit

The Marksman Dantus is a former captain in HeChaos's legion turned mercernary. His skills with the bow are matched only by his arrogant deameanor.

Appearance Edit

Dantus is a black-haired man who is fully equipped of Veteran armour except for the helmet. He wields an oak longbow and a longsword.

In-Battle Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Great Agility
  • Good statistics on the whole

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low Strength

Trivia Edit

  • His shield doesn't give armour points because he is using a Ranged Weapon.
    • This also applies to Archangel Sandalphon.
    • His Helmet is similiar to the Swashbuckler Helmet from the first game
    • Only Difference is that his helm has more armour points than the similiar Swashbuckler helmet from the first Swords and Sandals game
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