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Maharaja Saeed, also known as The Maharaja, was an Arena Champion introduced in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign.

Maharaja Saeed
A nephew of the great Lord Talah'udin, the flamboyant Maharaja originally hailed from Taj Brandhir but was forced into exile with his family when the Beast Force took over his lands. His family moved far south to the lands bordering Eldor Hath, where they lived in relative luxury until the funds ran dry, in no small part due to his lavish spending. Famed for his great turban, love of chess and large, flowing moustache, Saeed fought in the tournament for both finance and fame, like so many others. He wielded his uncle’s legendary curved blade but coated it with a deadly scorpion poison that many foes succumbed to. After his days in the Arena, he aided the forces of Drakondier in the great battles against the Beast Force before returning to restore Taj Brandhir to its former glory. He died at the ripe old age of 130 years, rich and surrounded by his many descendants.
-Tome of Lore


Saeed was a man sporting a large flowing black mustache, with dark skin and supposedly brown eyes. As a champion and warlord, he noticeably wore a blue turban and war-related armour.

Game Appearances[]

Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign[]


Maharaja Saeed appears in Swords and Sandals II as the final opponent of the tournament Master's Court.

Fascinating Fact
The Maharaja Saeed is a warlord from the lands of Taj Brandhir. He is deadly with the blade and is also a world renowned chess grandmaster.
Health 780 Strenght 15
Energy 250 Agility 23
Armour 549 Attack 25
Minimum damage 60 / 41 Defence 26
Maximum damage 140 / 151 Vitality 24
Level 30 Charisma 15
Hgt 6'6 Stamina 13
Wgt 215 lb Magicka 11
Helmet Breastplate Shoulders Gauntlets
Turban (150)
Warlord Breastplate.png
Warlord (192)
Warlord Shoulderguards.png
Warlord (192)

None (0)
Greaves Shins Boots Shield
Centurion Greaves.png
Centurion (39)
Swashbuckler Shinguards.png
Swashbuckler (48)
Warlord Boots.png
Warlord (24)

None (0)
Melee Ranged
Contemplation (30-110) + 74 Poison.png
Oak Longbow.png
Oak Longbow (11-121) + 41 Poison.png
Ghost Strike.png
Ghost Strike
Large STA Vial.png
Large Stamina Vial
Max HP Potion.png
Max Health Potion

Swords and Sandals: Mini Fighters[]

MF Maharaja.jpg

Maharaja Saeed appears in Mini Fighters, once again as the 9th Arena Champion. He is depicted as a merman, and a bowman rather than a swordsman.

Fascinating Fact
The Maharaja Saeed is a warlord from the lands of Taj Brandhir. He is deadly with the bowand and is also a world renowned chess grandmaster.
6'7, 162 lbs Nimble Merman
Level 27 MF Maharaja Prebattle.jpg
Damage 34-50
Armour 284
Health 330


  • In Emperor's Reign, Saeed and Marksman Dantus share the same ranged weapon.
  • He has the blade of Lord Talah'udin, albeit with a poison enchantment. According to the official Tome of Lore, he specifically coated the blade in scorpion poison.
  • In Swords and Sandals II: Redux, he is replaced by the Daughter of the Blades, who wears a similar headwear and seems to have close origins.