Lord Talah'udin is the 6th boss in Swords and Sandals 2: Emperor's Reign.

Lord Talah'udin has 85 armour, 175 health, and 200 stamina.


A great champion from the T’Kash Desert. Little is known of him, though it is said he lost his kingdom and his life when Arglaxx and the Beastforce conquered the Desert of Despair during the Crusades. Here at Doomtrek he fought with honour and compassion. His nephew, the Maharaja Sa’eed would make an appearance here in Swords and Sandals 2.


Height 6.2

Weight 227 lb

Level 13

Armour 84

Hitpoint 175

Endurance 90

Strenght 9

Agility 10

Attack 9

Defence 10

Vitality 12

Charisma 15

Stamina 10

Helmet : Sultan helm 6 defence

Breastplate : Myrmidon 28 defence

Shoulder guards : Myrmidon 10 defence

Gauntlet : Legion 11 defence

Shield : None

Greaves : Legion 11 defence

Shin guards : Myrmidon 10 defence

Boots : Swashbuckler 8 defence

Weapon : Contemplation 30-110 slashing damage

The mysterious Lord Talah’udin, champion of the desert lands, lives with compassion but fights with a steel resolve and delivers swift and brutal justice to his enemies

You can not win, my friend. Take my advice, turn back. Do not throw your life away.

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