John the Butcher is the 1st Champion in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign and obviously the 1st Champion in Swords and Sandals 2 Redux.

He is the final threat of the tournament: Woolridge’s Meat Emporium Cup.

Story Edit

The song "Every Time You Go Away, You Take a Piece of Meat With You" was a huge hit for John the Butcher several decades ago.

Appearance Edit

John is a bearded, red-haired man who is slightly equipped. He wears a butcher hat and wields a poisonous hatchet. He also appears in Swords and Sandals IV. In Swords and Sandals II Redux he wears the entire Cutpurse set armour with the exception of hat, replaced with the Hat of Ham. His Victory Position is him being happily angry and taking off a piece of his ham.

In-Battle Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Good Strength
  • Medium statistics
  • Getting potion with no Magicka

Disadvantages Edit

  • No Attack
  • No Magicka
  • Low Defence

Trivia Edit

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