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HeChaos is one of main antagonists appearing in Swords and Sandals Series. He has his debut in Swords and Sandals Gladiator and has appeared in every non-spinoff game.

He appears as Arena Champion in Swords and Sandals 1, 2 and 2 Redux (In 2 Redux he appears only in Duel of HeChaos mode)

In Swords and Sandals Crusader and Swords and Sandals Pirates, he appears as one of playable leaders

In Swords and Sandals 3, 4 and 5 Redux, he appears as NPC:

  • He appears as salesman of helmets, capes and shields in S&S 3
  • Appears as one of 4 players of board game in S&S4 alongside with Baron Wolfgang, John the Butcher and a mysterious stranger
  • In 5 Redux he appears as a NPC, which our protagonist will work for him

HeChaos the Scourge is the 7th and last Champion in Swords and Sandals I: Gladiator.

Quote : I have made cities crumble and emperors cowl. How, fool, can you possibly defeat me ?


Finally, it has come to this. To become the most powerful arena champion, you must kill the insane tyrant HeChaos, Scourge of Eddengarth. He has never been defeated. He is one of the best arena champions in the entire Swords and Sandals franchise.


HeChaos is a moustached, red-haired man who wears a chaotic helmet, with a pinkish effect on the eyes area.



  • Good statistics on the whole


  • Low Defence
  • Low Attack

HeChaos is back in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign as the 12th Champion.

He is the final threat of the tournament: Imperial Open.


HeChaos the Scourge used to be the most powerful tyrant in the world until he was toppled in the last Swords and Sandals tournament. He is now a prisoner, but plots his vengeance.


HeChaos always wears a chaotic helmet, and wields the same weapon with Strong Poison Enchantment.



  • Good statistics on the whole


Legion of H coat of arms

HeChaos takes a part in Crusade alongside with Arglaxx and Emperor Antares as one of forces of Evil. He is leader of Legion of H


The Legion of H's units are concentrated on ancient Roman Empire style and it consist of:

  • Light Unit: Legionnaires
  • Heavy Unit: Centurions
  • Cavalry: Praetorians
  • Ranged: Auxillary
  • Colossus: Zeerzabahl

In game description of units[]

Legionnaires: "The Legion is made up of treacherous and landless men, a murderous rabble who will flee at the first sign of trouble. They are however, vicious and resourceful fighters."

Centurions: "HeChaos's high ranking Centurions command the Legions and are powerful warriors themselves. However, as with all legionnaires they cannot be trusted and their loyalty to the cause is most certainly questionable."

Praetorians: "Cruel and insane Praetorians are the elite of the Legion of H. Harnessing the power of great elephants, they charge into battle recklessly. Armoured hide makes for strong defense, but like all legionaires they would betray you in a heartbeat!"

Auxillary:"The Legion of H employs many men skilled with the cowardly bow. These unscrupulous souls are expert at cheap shots, favouring a cheap ranged shot over the more honourable sword."

Zeerzabahl: "When the Arena at Doomtrek fell, the chains surrounding the Archfiend Zeerzabahl were broken. Now HeChaos has harnessed the great demon\'s thirst for blood in a reckless and devastating battlefield monstrosity."


"Wondrous devastation from the skies!" - using Airstrike level 5 and above

"Open the Gate of Demonic Cliches!" - using Summon Critters

"You good for nothing idiots! What am I paying you for?" - using Leadership

Survival Mode - defeat to HeChaos quotes:

"Lionel, you once called me a fool. And now, as I stand wearing your crown, dividing up your Kingdom amongst my men, know that you were conquered by a fool" - lost to HeChaos as King Lionel IX

"Knight Belgrave, bound by the constraints of a petty god. You had a prayer book in your hand when you needed a sword. Chaos will not be kind to your soul!" - same, but as Sir Belgrave

"Baron Wolfgang. You are a rogue, a swindler and a lecherous womaniser. You would have made an excellent soldier in my legion. It's a shame you have a courageous heart." - same, but as Baron Wolfgang

"Celen Helmguard. You know there has only been one for one murderous tyrant in Brandor. And he is me!" - same, but as Lord Celen

"Bors the Mighty? Bors the fool! You have all the tactical skill of a Shi-Tzu puppy." - same, but as Bors the Mighty

"Arglaxx, thy heart is full of malice" - same, but as Arglaxx

"Ah, friend and ally Emperor Antares. What you must realise is that an alliance with a madman is hardly worth the parchment it is written on.  I'll

see you in hell!" - same, but as Emperor Antares


  • Seal of Disapproval is an artefact used by HeChaos to summon and free Zeerzabahl from his prison
  • If Siege ability is upgraded to that point, where boulder on catapult is replaced, it will throw Sphinx's heads ("Priceless Artefacts" in game code)


  • Both HeChaos and Baron Wolfgang are meant to be author surrogates (self-inserts) of Oliver Joyce.
  • According to Oliver Joyce, "HeChaos" the Scourge is based off an online alias he used to have.





Pra etorian





Legion of H coat of arms

Coat of arms used by Legion of H in S&S Crusader



Naked HeChaos

HeChaos without his armor in Sword & Sandals 2