Swords and Sandals

In Swords and Sandals 5 the Grim Reaper will appear if you fall asleep and the caption says

"Your evil ways have caught up with you, you notice a dark prescence" or "You dream of skeletal horses, you notice a dark prescence" start freaking out because the damage he tanks is, well look at the picture, if you cannot see it says it does 62110 damage has 25324 and sometimes has armour and is level 66. You cannot get away from him with a town portal scroll, oh and he can hit round corners so run fast because he will 1-hit-K.O. you. Description Death smiles at us. All man can do is smile back.


Thousand Year Egg - Just have armour and let him attack you

Pacifist - Then let him attack you again

(Lost title) - You just have to meet the Grim Reaper and then edit the title and delete this bit.

Grim Tidings - Get to the above or below floor and get this.

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