Finishers are one of the features in the Swords and Sandals series. It is a feature wherein a character attacks an opponent so hard, one of their parts have been cut off, chooses the opponent to be killed when the opponent's life is in the balance, or uses a magic that exceeds the HP of your opponent, killing it depending on the magic you use.

In Swords and Sandals 3, They introduced the alignment feature, in which the character chooses if the opponent must live or must die. If you chose the thumbs down button, the character will kill the opponent depending on the weapon you use. It also affects the alignment of your character, making it go to the path of evil. This feature continued to Swords and Sandals 4, and finally, Swords and Sandals 5.

It has a rare chance to do a finisher during a fight in Swords and Sandals 3 and 4. In Swords and Sandals 5, The chances were reduced, giving it a very rare chance to do a finisher during a fight. Once a character does a finisher during a match, it does not affect the alignment of your character.

Finisher TypesEdit

There are many types of finishers in Alignment, and some during a fight. Only a few are greusome, while others are common.

Finishers in Alignment :

- Two Handed Weapons

  • Smashing the character's tummy to death.
  • Stabbing the character's tummy fiercely.
  • Slicing the character's tummy.

- One Handed Weapons

  • Lending a fake hand to the opponent to cut off the arm or leg.
  • Same finishers as the Two Handed Weapons.

- Ranged Weapons

  • Shooting the character's tummy.

- Sound Weapons

  • Summonning a big speaker to play the guitar loud enough to blow up the head of the opponent.

Finishers during a Fight :

  • Cutting the opponent's body in half.
  • Cutting off the arm or leg from the limb.
  • Beheading the opponent, which only happens if you have the whirlwind move.
  • Cutting off the arm or leg whole.
  • Piercing the heart.

Finishers in Magic :

  • Burned to ashes. (Fire)
  • Electrocuted to ashes. (Lightning)
  • Poisoned to death. (Poison)
  • Vanishes from the world. (Necromancy)
  • Frozen to death. (Frost)

Finishers in the Environment :

- Swords and Sandals 3

  • Falling off a cliff or a pit of spikes.

- Swords and Sandals 5

  • Crushes the character with a giant hand from below.
  • Beheaded by a giant swinging axe.