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Swords and Sandals Crusader is a game made by the same people who made the rest of the Swords and Sandals series, only different gamestyle. In this game, you are a crusader of your choice (except in campaign mode) in four different game modes.


In most game modes, you are to supposed to conquer the realm of brandor by defeating other foes (for example: King lionel XI, arglaxx and emperor antares) while building an army by paying gold for it to happen. The starting location varies for the character you play as. To conquer a realm, simply press the sword button on a province with no garrison to conquer it instantly. You can also conquer a province with garrison, which will commence combat.


The battle style is the same as the ones in Swords and sandals series, which is turn based, but this time, instead of fighting close up with a gladiator, you command an army of men. You control these men by choosing a character at the top hotbar by pressing the character icon and choosing the selected task (for example, spells if you choose your crusader and how do you want to attack if you choose your soldiers) you and the enemy attack at the same time. After the attack there are either hurt or dead soldiers. Hurt means that they were damaged in combat, while dead means that they have been killed in battle. One group of soldiers is only destroyed when all the soldiers in that group you came into battle with is dead.


  • Most crusaders are from the last games.
  • The campaign army limit is 111 soldiers, ranging from 40 light infantry, 20 heavy infantry, 10 cavalry , 40 archers and 1 colossus. (the catapult is not included)
  • The light infantry and heavy infantry carry different weapons.

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