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Bo'sun Smythe is the 2nd boss

Bo'sun Smythe has 52 armour 63 health 140 stamina


A salty sea-dog and one of the first Arena Champions to become popular at Doomtrek. It was said he reeked of rum and barnacles. His longtime goal was to win enough money to buy a ship, but alas for him, he always drank away the profits from his victories.


Height 5.11

Weight 201 lb

Level 5

Armour 52

Hitpoint 63

Endurance 60

Strenght 7

Agility 7

Attack 5

Defence 3

Vitality 4

Charisma 3

Stamina 4

Helmet : Pirate Bandana 12 defence

Breastplate : Brigand 11 defence

Shoulder guards : Brigand 4 defence

Gauntlet : Cutpurse 3 defence

Shield : Militia 9 defence

Greaves : Brigand 4 defence

Shin guards : Brigand 4 defence

Boots : Rogue 5 defence

Weapon : The Scurvy Blade 10-30 slashing damage

Your efforts in the arena have caught the attention of a salty sea-dog by the name of Bo’sun Smythe, a long serving arena champion who reeks of rum and barnacles

I’ve not been sober in thrice and seven weeks !