Bluescreen Death as he appears in the game.

Bluescreen Death is the 21st Arena Champion in Swords and Sandals 3: Solo Ultratus. Bluescreen Death has 563 armor points, 1486 health and 430 magicka.


Bluescreen Death is the 3rd Automaton trial who was named after the blue screen of death. He was created by the Automatons as well.


If you are a warrior, you will have a tough time beating him. As a mage, however, he can be defeated with a few max level spells like Molten Death or Eternal Damnation. Beware as most of the damage he is able to pull are around 600-900 damage including 40 lightning damage, Sluggish and Hex are recommended spells to beat him if you are a fighter.


  • Bluescreen Death's name is a poke at the infamous BSOD or Blue Screen of Death.
  • Bluescreen Death is made by William Gatesbot 3.0, which is a parody on Bill Gates (The Founder of Microsoft Corporation).
  • Taunt Quote: "CTRL+ALT+DELETE".
  • Victory Quote: Faults in your skills have caused your life system to crash. You will now be deleted.
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